The ethical principles of bodhisattvas

A series of meditations on the sixteen bodhisattva precepts and the four bodhisattva vows, inherited from the Brahmajala Sutra (in PDF format)

  1. The ethical principles of bodhisattvas [overview]
  2. How to refrain from killing life
  3. How to refrain from stealing or taking what is not given
  4. How to refrain from abusing sexuality
  5. How to refrain from lying and illusory speech
  6. How to refrain from intoxicating mind-and-body of self or others
  7. How to refrain from judging others
  8. How to refrain from elevating self above others
  9. How to refrain from hoarding anything
  10. How to refrain from being angry or harboring ill-will
  11. How to refrain from disparaging the three treasures

Crossing the Sacred Sea = Cruzando el mar sagrado

An ongoing personal sampling of the universal recorded-knowledge base (53460 authors, 36720 sources)

  1. How to act
  2. How to become active
  3. How (not) to become native
  4. How to be present
  5. How to be upright
  6. How to breathe
  7. How to coach
  8. How to collaborate
  9. How to color
  10. How to communicate
  11. How to communicate conservation
  12. How to communicate health
  13. How to communicate wordlessly
  14. How to converse courageously
  15. How to create community art
  16. How to cultivate dialogue
  17. How to diagnose problems
  18. How to do yoga
  19. How to do zen
  20. How to draw
  21. How to draw anatomy
  22. How to die well
  23. How to empathize
  24. How to evolve
  25. How to exercise timely action
  26. How to express gratitude
  27. How to express respect
  28. How to facilitate
  29. Como falar o português
  30. How to get unstuck
  31. How to graphic facilitate
  32. How to group facilitate
  33. Cómo hablar el castellano
  34. How to have fun
  35. How to improvise
  36. How to intuit
  37. How to journal
  38. How to laugh
  39. How to lead
  40. How to learn
  41. How to listen
  42. How to make comics
  43. How to make meaning
  44. How to make present
  45. How to manage
  46. How to map stakeholders
  47. How to map timespace
  48. How to mediate
  49. How to mentor
  50. How to mind silence
  51. How to negotiate
  52. How to organize community
  53. How to parent
  54. How to partner
  55. How to perform
  56. How to perform music
  57. How to plan
  58. How to practice
  59. How to practice compassion
  60. How to practice generosity
  61. How to practice kindness
  62. How to presence
  63. How to printmake
  64. How to promote diversity
  65. How to provision sustainably
  66. How to question
  67. How to socialize
  68. How to storytell
  69. How to teach
  70. How to train
  71. How to transform conflict
  72. How to transform emotions
  73. How to visualize
  74. How to voice train
  75. How to walk
  76. How to work interculturally

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